Live Radio Composition

Live Radio Composition is a live exploration of the radio frequencies that surrounds us every day. In the fall of 2015 Kunrad started to explore different ways to integrate live radio into a performance. He was particularly intrigued by old analogue radios: they have low frequency bandwidth options, which are a great source of different noise. After some research Kunrad found out about WebSDRs, Website Software Defined Radio. It is a website where one could choose a bandwidth and scan the radio spectrum. There are WebSDRs solely committed to amateur radio, such as, but also websites that try to portray a broader part of the radio spectrum like websdr.twente

Kunrad began listening to these websites almost every day and slowly discovered what he was listening to. He found out about number stations, fax, Morse signals, Chinese weather stations, and other elements that make the world of radio broadcasting. After a few weeks he started practising with a live set in which he only uses live radio as a sound source.

During the performance there is a beamer behind him that shows the radio spectrum he tunes in to. He records the sounds and alters it with his computer. By adding layers and layers of abstracted excerpts of looped radio, he gradually creates a unique composition in every performance.

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