Streep 1

Streep I is an iteration of my ongoing research on the physicalization ofcomputer music. For this work I draw from the concept of the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), which is the go-to tool for many electronic composers. Within the DAW, audio is represented by blocks that are put onto a timeline.

Streep I is the first PAW (Physical Audio Workstation). It features paper as object,water as actuator, and dripping as method. The appliance of water on paper is chosen to emphasize the transiency native to the physical realm.

The audience enters the room and sees a 10 meter long stripe of different kinds of household paper in a dimly lit room. Half of the audience is asked to move to the other side of the room trough the middle of the stripe where there is nopaper on laying on the ground. I start putting moving boxes at the previously empty place in the middle of the room and now printing paper, newspaper,moving boxes, toilet paper, receipts and paper cups follow each other with at the end a crank where I stand behind. I start moving the crank at exactly 4 seconds per rotation and at the other side of the stripe water starts drippingdown from a transparent container with a 1 meter wide shower attached. Slowly the audience experiences the composition I have laid out on the floor. Over a period of 12 minutes the water slowly moves closer to me until all the paper is wet.

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