I make sound art, compositions and performances under the name kunrad. Sound is always at the centre. I completed my Bachelor in Composition Electronic Music at the University of the Arts Utrecht and my Master in ArtScience at the Interfaculty ArtScience in The Hague.

When making music on my computer I feel restricted by the static loudspeaker as portal between digital made music and the physical world of the perciever. I take the ideas of computer music and embed them into physical objects.

I developed a holistic approach for making sound works that I call SISE (Structural Immersive Sound Experience). With a SISE, all the elements involving the artwork help to emphasize the sound. Object, Actuator, Method, Environment, Time, Perciever, are all part of the experience. Visual, Olfactory, Tactile, all senses have to work together in service of the Sound Experience.

Structural stands for the sound emitting material being the object of study, the artwork comes from material research. There is no overlay of a concept or mapping of data. Immersive art creates a new world for the perciever to explore. If you want to have an audience notice a small sound you have to create a situation in which this small sound will thrive.

Currently I focus but am not exclusive to paper as a material. For future works I have ideas involving cranes, waves, churches, factory halls, stones, brass, writing, shortwave radio, sliding, pebbles, ceramics, bunkers, stripes, leaves, dropping, dripping,...

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