Ode aan de Liniepont

In the summer of 2020 I had a residency at the fortification Werk aan het Spoel, a part of the Hollandse Waterlinie near the city of Culemborg. On one of my many walks I stumbled upon the boarding dock of het Liniepontje. The Liniepont is a ferry-line that runs during the summer bringing hikers and locals up and down the river Lek.

That summer the ferryline did not run due to COVID, nature had sprouted trough the concrete and metal and was taking over the manmade structure. The boarding dock of the ferry was rocking slowly in the waves.

I decided to give a use to the dock by composing an ode to the Liniepont with the dock as instrument. During my walks the next month I found beer bottles, rocks and driftwood. With the found objects and fishing line and the metal construction of the dock I constructed a site-specific carillon in the middle of nature.

With the carillon I performed at the Lek Art 2020 festival. The performances are improvised. I listen and react to the surroundings with the carillon. A flock of geese, a cargo ship, a motor riding over dike, all are converted to branches rumbling the metal construction and stones splashing in the water. 

photo by Caitlin Sarah Watson
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